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Features and product performance

Main product specifications and features


Introduction of fluorescent lamp type LED lighting

We have developed the first white LED fluorescent lamp type product that utilizes the bactericidal action in the visible light range. It is an epoch-making product that enables disinfection and sterilization by using the lighting that you use every day as it is! Unlike products that use harmful UV rays on the market,

This LED lighting made in Japan enables the inactivation of harmful substances such as influenza viruses, coronaviruses, and E.coli while providing a safe and secure environment. In the future, we will start manufacturing new products such as downlights and stand lights, and we will sell them sequentially, so please look forward to it.



Long-life,ultra-energy saving power supply circuit

By using a CRD element, a super energy-saving, long-life power supply circuit that does not use a transformer or the like is installed. This makes it possible to use the LED up to the end of its life. (40,000 hours or more)



Flicker-free,fatigue-free lighting system

The characteristic of SAIKYO lighting is that the power supply circuit is built with semiconductor elements, and the lighting is flicker-free and fatigue-free. You can use it safely even for long periods of time.


LED specifications 

A white LED with a visible light wavelength of 405 nm was used for illumination. Succeeded in inactivating bacteria with that wavelength! "It is now possible to create a safe and secure environment.

"可視光405nmの波長のLEDを白色化して照明として使用できる様にしました。その波長により菌の不活性化に成功! 安全安心な環境を作る事が可能となりました。

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