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Development history

As a proposal-oriented company, SAIKYO is working day and night to develop new products. This product is an introduction to a new product that we have been studying, researching, and developing since 2020 to find out whether there is any effective method against virus that will continue in the future. There are many sterilization products on the market that use deep ultraviolet lighting technology to remove viruses and ozone generators, but all of them are harmful infections to the human body, and to ensure safety, they can only perform their functions and effects in unmanned spaces or black boxes. there is no. Also, it is effective against floating viruses and sterilization, but it is completely ineffective against viruses that are attached to tables, walls, etc. That's why we came up with a product that can sterilize and sterilize viruses using the lighting we use every day. Although it is still in development, we have finally been able to advance it to the testing stage and have succeeded in confirming its effectiveness. In the future, we have reached the point where we can achieve both lighting functions and sterilization effects.

Development history

for use as lighting Syetem

By changing visible light, which has a wavelength that inactivates viruses, to white, we were able to make it possible to use it as lighting.

Viruses were only killed by UV 253.7nm ultraviolet light, but SAIKYO found that viruses could also be killed in the visible light range. By making visible light of that wavelength white We were able to make it possible to use it as lighting.

​Key points for virus inactivation

STERILA development points

Energy saving Lighting system

Strategic Partnerships

By designing the power supply circuit using only semiconductors, we have

completed SAIKYO's original super energy-saving & noiseless Lighting.

E-MAX Co., Ltd. and Grants Techno Works Co., Ltd. are good friends who work together as SAIKYO's strategic partners to develop visible light sterilizing lighting products, develop ideas, prototypes, evaluate tests, and develop sales routes.

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