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Invest in
new lighting system

Newly developed lighting system that improves the global human environment

Virus inactivation technology, germicidal lighting, super energy-saving lighting

Our development goals

We have been developing a product that can sterilize and eliminate viruses using everyday lighting, and after repeated tests and experiments, we have succeeded in confirming its effectiveness with STERILA. We have reached the point where it is comparable to conventional lighting equipment in terms of sterilization and virus removal as well as lighting.

Development history and commercialization

Realized how difficult it was to achieve both functionality as an ultra-energy-saving light (power circuit⇒ semiconductor-only circuit) and sterilization effect.It took some time, but I did not give up and worked to commercialize it.

System details

For details on the STERILA®︎ system, please see the materials on the right. You can see details of long-life lighting made using only visible light virus inactivation, sterilization technology, and semiconductor elements.


Strategic Partnership

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