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Finally, 120 LED CRD circuits were completed as scheduled. As you can see in the video, a beautiful lighting with no noise at all has been completed!  The latest virus sterilization removal lighting (Stelila®︎) will be completed after experiments (Food Hygiene Research Institute) to see if it can inactivate viruses and bacteria.
Sales start in the spring of 2023!

遂に予定通り120個のLED CRD回路が完成しました。動画をご覧頂きます様にノイズも全く無い綺麗な照明が完成しました!  今後ウイルス細菌の不活性化が出来るかどうかの実験(食品衛生研究所) を経て最新のウイルス殺菌除去照明
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